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An investigation agency with professional private investigators servicing the Gold Coast and outer regions. Spouse Spy have the investigative experience in domestic and corporate matters.

Since 2008, we have grown and acquired the best investigators with specific skills and experience for the services we provide.

As a Gold Coast based agency, we understand the local area and are ready to investigate quickly and discreetly. Our agents are licensed and qualified to operate in Queensland. 

Our Investigation Services Services


Infidelity Investigation

Our infidelity investigators are highly experienced and understand what is required to catch a cheating partner or spouse.

child custody investigations australia

Child Custody Investigations

Our investigators can help you gather the evidence you need to support your case. If you are concerned about your child when in the care of another, we can help.

electronic bug detection australia

Electronic bug Detection

Are you worried about your vehicle being tracked by GPS. We provide professional bug sweep detection services to detect illicit devices and provide peace of  mind.

mobile device forensic investigations spousespy

Mobile Phone Forensics & Data Recovery

Professional mobile phone forensic and data recovery services. We use the latest forensic equipment to detect phone bugging and can recovery critical evidence from mobile devices.

people search australia

People Search Australia

One of Australia’s leading investigation companies when it comes to skip tracing in Australia. Call the professionals when you need to find a missing person.


Background Checks Australia

Our professional team are skilled in online background checks. Whether you need a know more about a potential lover, employee or business partner, speak with us about how we can help.

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Your Trusted
Private Investigators in the Gold Coast

Since 2008, our expert private investigators have been delivering exceptional investigation services in the Gold Coast, catering to a wide range of domestic and corporate needs. We are renowned as one of the industry’s top investigation agencies.

Our highly trained private detectives possess extensive experience across various investigative fields, ensuring optimal results.

Throughout the years, we have evolved into a well-equipped firm, providing high-quality investigations to our Gold Coast clientele and beyond.

We handle diverse cases, from domestic infidelity and child custody to electronic counter surveillance, mobile phone forensics, corporate employee background checks, and more.

Our commitment to offering customised investigation solutions ensures our clients receive the best possible service, tailored to their specific requirements. We listen, understand, and deliver.

local experts

Gold Coast's Premier Private Investigation Agency

Spouse Spy is a top-tier private investigation agency in the Gold Coast, where our team of investigators understands the importance of local expertise for successful investigations in the area and surrounding regions. Our extensive knowledge of the community, coupled with years of experience working in various communities throughout Queensland, allows us to deliver exceptional investigative services, customized to cater to your specific requirements.

Familiarity with Gold Coast’s Geography

Our private investigators have extensive knowledge of Gold Coast’s diverse neighborhoods and landmarks, from the bustling Surfers Paradise to the tranquil suburban streets. This familiarity allows us to navigate the city with ease and efficiency, ensuring that we can carry out investigations discreetly and effectively. Whether tracking a subject through the lively shopping precincts of Cavill Avenue or conducting surveillance in more residential areas such as Broadbeach or Robina, our team is well-equipped to handle investigations throughout Gold Coast.


Understanding Gold Coast’s Community

Being part of the Gold Coast community helps our private investigators to blend in seamlessly during investigations. Our understanding of local customs, culture, and demographics allows us to conduct our work without drawing unwanted attention. This is crucial when carrying out discreet investigations, as it helps to maintain confidentiality and prevent tipping off the subject of the investigation.

Access to Local Resources and Networks

As a well-established private investigation agency in the Gold Coast, we have built strong relationships with local businesses, law enforcement, and other professionals. This network of contacts provides us with valuable resources and information that can significantly benefit your investigation. Our connections within the community enable us to gather critical intelligence and access essential tools to ensure the success of your case.

Reliable Private Investigators


Our Gold Coast private investigators are licensed in the state of Queensland.


The private investigator assigned to your case will have experience in that area.


We undertake training in all areas so we can stay ahead of the rest.

Experienced Surveillance Operatives


Skilled Factual Investigators


Mobile Phone Forensic & Data Recovery Specialists


Electronic Counter Surveillance Experts


Cyber Intelligence Investigators


Why Choose Spouse spy

Private Investigators in the Gold Coast

At our Gold Coast-based agency, we specialize in a wide range of investigative areas. Our handpicked private detectives possess the necessary qualifications and experience for the services we provide.

Clients choose us because we listen to their needs and offer a professional consultation on what’s involved and what to expect. Avoid opting for the cheapest investigators, as it may result in subpar service.

Our private investigators will tailor a strategy to suit your budget and deliver the best outcomes. Each case is unique and demands a customized approach.

Honest Consultation
and Service

We will provide you with an honest consultation on what we can and can't do for you. Some firms will promise you that they can do anything, just like in the movies!

We do not have a complaints department as our clients always have a realistic expectation on what will be delivered and what is possible in our investigations.

Experienced Private Investigators

When we assign an investigator or a technician to your case, that persons is qualified and experienced in that field.

We do not use probationary or inexperienced investigators for any jobs unlike other firms advertising cheapest rates. Pay for a professional, not an amateur.

Customised Investigations

We listen and understand your situation and requirements before customising a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Each case is different and requires different methods and strategies. This is why we outperform other firms.

Highly Resourced

Spouse Spy spend a significant amount of money in resources, whether it be training, equipment or access to information, that is where we stand out from the rest.

Choosing us gives you the best possible chance at getting a result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A professional investigation is not cheap, there is no such thing as a cheap investigation, although some firms advertise that they are the cheapest, so beware of those!

An investigation can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a hundred thousand dollars. We will advise you on costs once we have a good understanding of what is needed. 

We have approximately 15 investigators in and around the Gold Coast

Our investigators have backgrounds in the police force, military, security and civilian.

No, we will not disclose your identity to anyone unless presented with a subpoena to do so and that has happened only once in our time of operating. 

Generally we require a fews days notice to prepare and plan for an investigation, but at times our clients need something done urgently the same day. Sometimes we are able to assign an investigator and sometimes we can’t.

First call us or email us and let us know what your matter is about. One of our staff will consult you on a strategy and cost. Once you accept and have provided us with the relevant information needed, we will log that into our case management system and assign you with a case number. Once all payments have been satisfied, we will assign an investigator to your case. You will be updated periodically during the investigation.

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