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Take a closer look at the true nature of extramarital affairs. Our video shows actual footage of renegade spouses cheating on their partners. If you have suspicions that your spouse is cheating on you, speak with our team of private investigators in the Gold Coast to seek our help. A reputable private investigator can trace the activities of an unfaithful spouse and uncover the truth.








Private Investigation Services Gold Coast

Spouse Spy’s team of Gold Coast Private Investigators are the leaders when it comes to domestic investigation matters.

Established in 2008 we have quickly become known as one of the best private investigation firms within the Gold Coast and Australia wide.

With over a thousand cases closed, our Gold Coast team of investigators can help you uncover the truth and collect vital evidence to help your case.

Highly Experienced Private Investigators 

Established in 2008, Spouse Spy’s Gold Coast team of Private Investigators has grown to become one of Australia’s leading private investigation firms.

Each investigator has more than 5 years experience in their field of expertise. Spouse Spy do not use inexperienced investigators like a lot of firms do.

Our Private Investigation Services

Our team are experienced in handling all types of domestic matters. Our services include infidelity investigations, background checks, bug sweep detection, people locates, child custody investigations and more.

Our Gold Coast team can assist with all these matters and often at short notice. Spouse Spy are experts in providing effective investigation strategies to ensure you have the best chance of gathering the best evidence possible.

Why Should You Choose Spouse Spy?

If you speak with us, you will receive an honest and professional consultation free of charge.

We advise our clients with unique strategies for each and every case and provide fee structures and estimated costs so there are no surprises.

We have an excellent track record for customer satisfaction because of these values.

The Latest In Surveillance Equipment

We are continually staying ahead of the rest when it comes to technology and surveillance equipment.

Spouse Spy now have the ability to conduct drone surveillance operations by pilots certified with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, which allows us to fly drones for commercial reasons.

We have the latest in cover and overt camera equipment to gather the best possible video evidence.

Our Values

Honest, professionalism, integrity are our values. That is why our clients are always happy with the service provided.

Call us for a free consultation to find out more about how we can help.

Our Investigation Strategies

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to provide our clients with the most effective strategies to achieve the best results.

Our Gold Coast team of private investigators are highly skilled when it comes to infidelity investigations. We know how cheaters operate and know what strategies work to assist our investigations for best results.

Investigation Services

Spouse Spy Private Investigators Gold Coast are one of the best in the business when it comes to Infidelity Investigations. Our investigators understand how to catch a cheater and uncover the truth about their activities.

Our team offers investigators with a history in information technology and can offer professional services in online intelligence gathering.  We are one of the most resourced investigation companies within the Gold Coast and for that reason, can offer highly professional locate services to find someone of interest. With access to public and private databases, we can uncover information that most others can’t, which can be the difference between finding someone or not.

Because our investigators have over 15 years experience in the IT industry, our Background Checks can help you better understand the person you are dealing with. Whether you need a Background Check to verify an online dating candidate or to conduct a pre-matrimonial check, we can help.

Our Bug Sweep equipment is often in the Gold Coast and can be deployed for a sweep within short notice. If you suspect your intellectual property or private conversations have been breached, contact us to discuss a security sweep of your home or business. We can detect hidden audio or video devices, phone taps and GPS tracking devices. Call us so you can have piece of mind.

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Are you experiencing a personal or legal situation that you’re not sure how to solve? By hiring a private investigator, you can gather useful information and uncover the truth to build your case. Contact one of our highly trained investigators today to schedule a free consultation.

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