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Our Investigation Services in Brisbane


Infidelity Investigation

Our infidelity investigators are highly experienced and understand what is required to catch a cheating partner or spouse.

child custody investigations australia

Child Custody Investigations

Our investigators can help you gather the evidence you need to support your case. If you are concerned about your child when in the care of another, we can help.

electronic bug detection australia

Electronic Bug Detection

Are you worried about your vehicle being tracked?. We provide professional GPS detection services. Protect yourself from being monitored.

mobile device forensic investigations spousespy

Mobile Phone Forensics

Professional mobile phone forensic spyware detection and data recovery services. We use forensic software to detect phones that are bugged and can recovery critical evidence as well.

people search australia

People Search Australia

Professional locate investigation services conducted by experienced missing persons investigators. We utilise a range of databases and online intelligence tools to search for people. 


Background Check Services

Our professional team are skilled in online background checks. Whether you need a know more about a potential lover, employee or business partner, speak with us about how we can help.

about spouse spy

Brisbane's No.1 Investigation Agency

Operating since 2008, we specialise in private investigations throughout Brisbane and Queensland.
Skilled Investigators: Carefully chosen for their experience and qualifications.
Professional and Reliable: Our detectives are known for their trustworthiness and discretion.
Certified Experts: Fully licensed by Queensland’s Office of Fair Trading.
Diverse Expertise: Team members with backgrounds in civilian life, military, and police services.
Your investigation will be conducted with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Our Brisbane Customers Love Us

Whitney SilvaWhitney Silva
11:44 14 Feb 23
I had needed to investigate an individual in Brisbane for business purposes. The team handled the surveillance and investigation brilliantly, allowing us to discretely confirm our suspicions regarding the business contact. Would highly recommend this team to anyone needing to find out more information on individuals with zero footprints.
Tori RichardsTori Richards
09:14 14 Feb 23
We needed a private investigator to monitor and provide some information in relation to a children’s custody issue. The investigator team was quite responsive & reacted to our matter on short notice. Their reports were concise and well-documented. Good value for money.
Matt ZaniewskiMatt Zaniewski
08:48 13 Feb 23
We asked them about the best technique to find someone because we were trying to accomplish that. We received a response very late at night to clarify that efforts were underway after being given fixed-price quote to try and retrieve the address. The process of getting not just a current address but also images of the house and purchase information took less than a day. Ilona, the young woman who followed up, worked nonstop from early in the morning until late at night. Additionally, we had the option to call our neighbours if we so desired. All in all, we received more rapidly and reasonably priced than we had anticipated. Very pleased and enthusiastically endorse this business.
Erica BerryErica Berry
08:24 14 Nov 22
Spousespy Brisbane uses incredible spy equipment. The money I spent on their computer software bug detection was the greatest I’ve ever spent. I heartily endorse Spousespy Brisbane’s competent staff. Excellent service for a fair price.
Foster MosciskiFoster Mosciski
10:53 11 Nov 22
They responded very quickly! When I called, the owner had the day off, and he made the time to travel to my office and take care of what I required. They I required. They were very motivated by my condition and achieved quick results. If necessary, I’d utilise them again without a doubt.

local experts

Brisbane's Premier Private Investigation Agency

At Spouse Spy, our team of private investigators understands the importance of local expertise when it comes to conducting successful investigations in Brisbane and its surrounding regions. Our in-depth knowledge of the area, combined with years of experience working in various communities throughout Queensland, enables us to provide unparalleled investigative services tailored to your unique needs.

Familiarity with Brisbane’s Geography

Our private investigators have extensive knowledge of Brisbane’s diverse neighborhoods and landmarks, from the bustling CBD to the quiet suburban streets. This familiarity allows us to navigate the city with ease and efficiency, ensuring that we can carry out investigations discreetly and effectively. Whether tracking a subject through the busy shopping precincts of Queen Street Mall or conducting surveillance in more residential areas such as Paddington or New Farm, our team is well-equipped to handle investigations throughout Brisbane.

Understanding Brisbane’s Community

Being part of the Brisbane community helps our private investigators to blend in seamlessly during investigations. Our understanding of local customs, culture, and demographics allows us to conduct our work without drawing unwanted attention. This is crucial when carrying out discreet investigations, as it helps to maintain confidentiality and prevent tipping off the subject of the investigation.

Access to Local Resources and Networks

As a well-established private investigation agency in Brisbane, we have built strong relationships with local businesses, law enforcement, and other professionals. This network of contacts provides us with valuable resources and information that can significantly benefit your investigation. Our connections within the community enable us to gather critical intelligence and access essential tools to ensure the success of your case.

Reliable Private Investigators


Every private investigator on our team is fully licensed and certified in the state they operate, ensuring you receive the highest quality service.


Our private investigators undergo continuous training to maintain their qualifications and stay ahead in the industry.


We pride ourselves on hiring only seasoned private investigators with proven expertise in their respective fields, guaranteeing professional results in areas like infidelity investigations and background checks.

Experienced Surveillance Operatives


Skilled Factual Investigators


Mobile Phone Forensics & Data Recovery Specialists


Electronic Counter Surveillance Experts


Cyber Intelligence Investigators


Why Choose Spouse spy

Private Investigators in Brisbane

Our Brisbane-based investigation firm comprises a team of exceptional detectives, carefully selected to align with the services we offer.

When entrusting a firm with your investigation, it’s crucial to receive a professional consultation that instills confidence in their capabilities. Avoid basing your decision solely on the quote, as quality often corresponds with the investment.

At Spouse Spy, we tailor a strategy to meet your budget and requirements. By assigning a qualified private investigator who truly understands your objectives, we ensure a seamless and successful experience in areas like infidelity investigations and background checks.

Honest Consultation
and Service

We provide honest consultations, clearly outlining what we can and can't achieve for you in areas like infidelity investigations and background checks. Unlike some firms that overpromise, we set realistic expectations for our investigations.

As a result, our clients have a clear understanding of what can be delivered, and we maintain a high satisfaction rate without the need for a complaints department.

Experienced Private Investigators

When we assign an investigator or technician to your case, you can trust that they are qualified and experienced in their field.

We prioritize professionalism over cost-cutting measures, and we never use probationary or inexperienced investigators. Choose quality over the lowest rates for the best results in services like corporate espionage.

Customised Investigations

We take the time to listen and understand your unique situation and requirements before customizing a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Each case has its distinct challenges, and our adaptable approach sets us apart from other firms.

Highly Resourced

Spouse Spy invests significantly in resources such as training, equipment, and access to information, ensuring that we excel in our industry.

By choosing us, you maximize your chances of achieving the desired outcome in your investigation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A professional investigation is not cheap, there is no such thing as a cheap investigation, although some firms advertise that they are the cheapest, so beware of those!

An investigation can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a hundred thousand dollars. We will advise you on costs once we have a good understanding of what is needed. 

We have approximately 20 investigators in and around Brisbane.

Spouse Spy Private investigators Brisbane have been in business since 2008. Some of our investigators have decades of experience as investigators. 

No, we will not disclose your identity to anyone unless presented with a subpoena to do so and that has happened only once in our time of operating. 

Generally we require a fews days notice to prepare and plan for an investigation, but at times our clients need something done urgently the same day. Sometimes we are able to assign an investigator and sometimes we can’t.

First call us or email us and let us know what your matter is about. One of our staff will consult you on a strategy and cost. Once you accept and have provided us with the relevant information needed, we will log that into our case management system and assign you with a case number. Once all payments have been satisfied, we will assign an investigator to your case. You will be updated periodically during the investigation.

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