Electronic Bug Sweeps & Detection Brisbane

Are you concerned about your private conversations at home or your office? Are you wondering how to sweep your house, office and car for bugs? We provide professional bug sweep detection services to detect illicit devices or provide peace of mind.

Bug Sweep & Detection Services Brisbane

Professional Bug Sweep Detection Services for Home, Office and Vehicles.

With the increasing availability of illicit tracking, listening and hidden video devices, domestic and commercial espionage is more common than you think.  Our Brisbane based technicians are among the best in Australia and we have acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in specialised electronic counter surveillance equipment and undergone formal training so we can provide the very best in protecting and securing our clientele and their properties.

From private individuals to large corporate businesses and financial institutions, our clients can rest assure that they get the very highest level of security sweeps available to the general public and commercial sector.

Residential Bug Sweeps

We have highly trained and skilled technicians located in Brisbane who can provide the very best in residential bug sweeps. We are able to detect all types of clandestine devices transmitting and non-transmitting. If you have concerns about being monitored within your private residence, let us conduct a security sweep.

Corporate Bug Sweeps

Professional corporate bug sweeps are essential to those businesses that want to protect their intellectual property and business strategies. We have seen a number of business become compromised by disgruntled ex-employees and competitors and lose sensitive information. Book a regular security sweep for your premises today.

Detect GPS Tracker

Do you have concerns about being followed? If so, we can conduct a thorough sweep of your vehicle to detect a vehicle tracking device, or provide peace of mind. GPS trackers operate using the GSM mobile network and can be monitored from anywhere in the world. We understand the frequencies that are used by trackers.

Residential Bug Sweeps brisbane

We have highly skilled and qualified electronic counter surveillance experts.

More and more Brisbane residents are realising the importance of securing their home against illegal eavesdroppers to protect their private conversations and activities.

Reasons for eavesdropping include:


Protect your home with a residential bug sweep by one of our technicians so you can have peace of mind or identify an illicit device.

corporate bug sweeps brisbane

Corporate espionage can be costly and damaging to any business. Our clientele in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland rely on us to conduct regular security sweeps to protect them from breaches of sensitive information. 

Reasons why your business may be targeted:


DON’T WAIT until its too late. If you’re a business in Brisbane and are concerned about information leaks, speak with us about conducting a corporate bug sweep of your premise.

We detect vehicle tracking devices

Are you concerned about your vehicle being tracked but GPS?

If so, speak with us about conducting a sweep to detect vehicle GPS trackers.

GPS trackers are easily purchased online and fitted to your vehicle without the need of internal access.

Our vehicle sweeps can be done at your home address or an area nearby. Our inspections are thorough and conducted by qualified professionals and specialised equipment. We understand how trackers operate and the frequencies transmitted.

Types of bugging devices

Have you wondered how to detect hidden cameras & listening devices?

Detecting hidden bugs requires an understanding of the various types of bugs and transmitting methods that they use.

  • Hidden Cameras
  • Hidden Listening Devices
  • Landline Wiretaps and Bugs
  • GPS Tracking Devices

We utilise equipment manufactured by the best in the technical surveillance counter measures industry.

Our technicians are available 7 days a week and are ready for deployment.

Signs you may have been targeted

  • Private information has been leaked and is known by others.
  • Volume fluctuations while using your phone.
  • Clicking noises while using your phone.
  • Suspicious vehicles parked outside your home or business for extended periods of time.
  • A tradesman or other service provider may have visited you recently without you booking in the job.
  • Wall sockets that may have been tampered with.

steps to take if you suspect eavesdropping

Do not discuss with anyone

Don't discuss with anyone the fact that you suspect a listening device or hidden video camera is monitoring you. You may well alert the perpetrator.

Call us as soon as possible

Call us from a secure area that you are sure hasn’t been compromised. Use a secure phone that is safe to communicate with.

Do not attempt to locate

Do not attempt to locate the listening device or hidden camera yourself.

do not talk about bug sweep

Do not talk about engaging a professional to conduct a bug sweep of the area. Be careful not to discuss anything of that nature in the area of concern.

Think about your suspects

Think carefully about whether you have recently had any people attend your home or business that may be a suspect. Buggers may pose as a tradesman, salesman or similar. Provide us with any information you think is important when we consult you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To find a reliable bug sweep service in Brisbane, you can start by researching reputable companies online. Look for providers with positive reviews, certifications, and a proven track record in conducting bug sweeps. It’s also helpful to ask for recommendations from trusted sources or consult with security professionals who can provide referrals to reliable bug sweep service providers in Brisbane.

Bug sweeps conducted for security purposes and with proper consent are legal in Brisbane. However, it’s essential to adhere to local laws and regulations regarding privacy and surveillance. It’s recommended to work with licensed bug sweep service providers in Brisbane who have a thorough understanding of the legal requirements and can ensure that the sweep is conducted within the boundaries of the law.

While it’s possible to purchase consumer-grade bug detection devices, conducting a thorough bug sweep requires expertise and specialized equipment. DIY bug sweeps may not be as comprehensive or accurate as those conducted by professional bug sweep service providers. To ensure reliable results and maximize effectiveness, it’s recommended to engage professional bug sweep services in Brisbane who have the necessary skills and experience in conducting bug sweeps.