One Of Australia's Leading Infidelity Investigation Firms

Recognised as one of the leading infidelity investigation firms. Spouse Spy are discreet and offer professional investigations into relationships to uncover the truth.

Infidelity Investigations

Specialising in infidelity investigations, Spouse Spy has become one of the most reputable investigation agencies servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. Our infidelity investigators are highly experienced and understand what is required to catch a cheating partner or spouse.

Discreet Service

Are clients are important to us and so is their requirement for privacy. Unless instructed by the client to do so, we will at all times keep our clients identity private.

Professional Investigators

Our infidelity investigators are all licensed in the state they are operating. Each has undergone the required training and certification to acquire their operator licence. All our investigators have on average 10 years experience in this field and in investigating infidelity cases.

Honest Consultations

We provide honest consultations so you know what is involved and what to expect from an infidelity investigation. There are no hidden fees and you will know accurate costs before proceeding with the case.

Why choose us

How our Infidelity Investigators Can Help

The role of an infidelity investigator is to gather evidence and present them to you neutrally and factually. This allows you to make a clear decision and removes the risk of you making any false accusations that could in itself be damaging to your relationship.

By using one of our infidelity investigators, you can exclude yourself from any involvement in the investigation, eliminating the chances of you being exposed. In the case where there has been no cheating, you have saved yourself a potentially distressing conversation with your spouse and now have peace of mind.

Our infidelity investigations ensure that you are constantly updated while the investigation is happening and receive a comprehensive report with copy of the surveillance footage. Tangible proof will benefit you and your conscience. Let our infidelity investigators obtain incontestable proof so you can take charge of the situation and find out whether your spouse has been unfaithful, once and for all.

Customised Investigation Solutions

Catching a Cheating Partner

We understand infidelity and how to plan the investigation.
Each matter is different and requires special attention in order to form the correct investigation strategy.

Our professional infidelity investigators can provide specific strategies to uncover a cheating partner as we know from experience how they operate.

If you have doubts then speak with us first before you confront them. We can discreetly get you the facts so you are informed.


The Facts About Infidelity

60% of Men and 45% admit being unfaithful to their Partners
The reasons for an affair are different for men and women
People who are unfaithful in one relationship are three times more likely to be unfaithful in their next relationship

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