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Cheating Partner Investigations

Specialising in infidelity investigations, Spouse Spy have become one of Australia’s most reputable domestic investigation agencies in the industry. With over a thousand cheating partner investigations conducted so far, we are known to Uncover the Truth!


Extramarital affairs are common. In fact, a survey from Sexual Health Australia reveals a shocking statistic: more couples are trading in the idea of a monogamous relationship in favour of engaging in extramarital affairs. The findings indicate that 45% of women and 60% of men are unfaithful partners, while one in five couples cite infidelity as a reason behind their divorce.

So, the fact that 85% of women who think their spouses are cheating are correct isn’t a long shot. In response to this intuition, our skilled private investigators leave no stone unturned. We single out adulterers by conducting cheating partner investigations.

Count on us to validate your suspicions by identifying behavioural patterns and gathering compelling evidence to expose cheaters and spare you from further heartache. With the information we obtain from our infidelity investigation, you’ll have what you need to make a clear decision.

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Spouse Spy have been conducting Infidelity Investigation for more than 10 years. Our team has handled over a thousand completed cases. Our Infidelity Investigators have years of experience conducting Cheating Partner Investigation and can covertly get you the evidence you need to make an informed decision based on the facts.

We have earned a reputation for helping clients make sound decisions about the future of their relationships. Our team delivers top-notch infidelity investigation services.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

The role of a private investigator is to gather evidence and present them to you neutrally and factually. This allows you to make a clear decision and removes the risk of you making any false accusations that could in itself be damaging to the relationship.

By using one of our private investigators, you can exclude yourself from any involvement in the investigation, eliminating the chances of you being exposed. In the case where there has been no cheating, you have saved yourself a potentially distressing conversation with your spouse and now have peace of mind.

Our services ensure constant updates and a comprehensive report with photos and/or videos. Tangible proof will benefit you and your conscience. Let our infidelity investigators obtain incontestable proof so you can take charge of the situation and find out whether your spouse has been unfaithful, once and for all.


It is not uncommon for people who have had a cheating partner in a previous relationship to become suspicious if they see or experience a similar behaviour from their current partner. This may or may not represent a cheating partner and can quite easily damage the relationship with accusations of infidelity rooted in a previous experience.

Knowing the facts first before any confrontation is better than acting on suspicion alone. Get in touch with us and uncover the truth.

The suspicion of a cheating spouse is a painful thought, but confirming or disproving these suspicions are necessary to put your mind at ease. Once you have made the decision to engage a Private Investigator to conduct an infidelity investigation make sure you consult with them and discuss an effective strategy to gather the evidence you need. From there, the cheater investigators obtain evidence you can use to make an informed decision about your relationship

To Catch a Cheating Partner

We Handle Various Infidelity Cases

Each matter is different than the next and should be treated based on the information you are able to provide. If you are unsure on what is happening and have little information to provide, but have your doubts and suspect a cheating partner, then a good investigation company should be able to advise and construct a plan to suit. You should feel confident after your consultation that the investigation company you are dealing with is competent and sufficiently resourced to handle your case.

Effective Cheating Partner Investigations

Uncovering the truth behind your spouse’s suspicious behaviour is not as simple as following your partner in your own car and turning up to the same establishment where they have gone to meet their friends or the suspect. This presents many issues and risks for those involved, and we strongly recommend that these methods not be conducted by yourself or one of your friends.

Taking matters into your own hands or seeking a friend’s help to determine if your spouse is unfaithful, therefore, is not the proper course of action during these sensitive situations. Investigating infidelity can be physically and emotionally taxing, moreover. Turn to a private investigator for help, instead. Experience has shown that evidence is more compelling when it comes from a professional.

Well Planned Infidelity Investigations

When planning an effective infidelity investigation, it is crucial that the investigation company handling your matter understands the information at hand, knows the right questions to ask, and plans the investigation so you have the very best chance of understanding the targets movements and their activities.

Spouse Spy investigators have the training, skills and covert video recording equipment to obtain that important piece of video. It can all happen in an instant, and if not prepared and ready, that crucial piece of evidence can be missed. We have learnt many tricks from years of infidelity investigations and have put together specific strategies for all scenarios and can adapt to all environments.


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