Child Custody Investigations

If you have concerns about your child while in the custody of the other parent or another person then speak with us about how we can collect evidence to support your case. We can also help identify evidence of the other parent earning an income that has not been disclosed for child maintenance.

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody and support are a commonly disputed issue in court. While fighting for child custody can be an unpleasant battle, the court needs to make child custody decisions based on the “best interests” of the child. After all, it is essential that a child receives the best care at all times.

Child Custody Monitoring

Child custody disputes can be an extremely stressful time for the parents and especially for the children. Often mediation will take place if the parents have not been able to come to an agreement and if failing that a court case will be conducted to determine what is best for the child.

Child Maintenance

Many of our clients have called us because their X partner is not paying for child support. The X partner often claims that they are not earning an income or are not truthful in declaring the actual amount that they are earning, so as to reduce the amount that they have to pay.

Child Safety

Often we have cases where our client has part custody of their child and they are concerned that the other parent is not suitably caring for them as they should be. Some of our clients have expressed concern to us as their child’s behavior is often different upon returning home from the other parent.

How can we help you with child custody?

Protect Your Child’s Best Interests

If you are going through the stressful time of fighting a child custody matter, then maybe we can help. Those who suspect that their child is in an unsafe or neglectful environment with their second guardian deserve the right to step up and seek assistance. Engaging the services of a Private Investigation company to assist with child custody investigations can help you gather vital evidence to support your case.

We Conduct Impartial Child Custody Investigations

Our investigators conduct keen investigation methods that include convert observations on your child’s activities while they are in the care of a second guardian. Our covert surveillance strategies also provide you with video evidence that shows how your child is being treated and cared for.

We can also conduct adept online background checks and surveillance on potential guardians to help ensure that your child will be safe when left in the care of another person.

Experienced in Child Custody Monitoring

Spouse Spy Private Investigators have highly skilled surveillance agents that can be assigned to monitor your child while in the care of the other parent. The agents assigned to your case will obtain high quality video evidence of the activities observed while under surveillance.

If you are concerned about the other parents ability to care for your child, or they are not adhering to the custody arrangements, then our surveillance footage may be able to support your case. 

If the arrangement stipulates that your child must be in the care of the other parent while in their custody, and you believe that your child is being left elsewhere or with one of their family members, then our evidence crucial to support your dispute. 

Our child custody investigations can also help with child maintenance issues. If the other parent is declaring that they are not earning an income and you believe they are, then our surveillance team can help uncover the facts to prove it.

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