Four Types of Cheating – And One Doesn’t Involve Another Person

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What qualifies as infidelity varies from relationship to relationship as some are willing to dismiss extra marital canoodling more than others and will think it inconsequential.

Infidelity can be seen differently through different eyes. Some would say that it involves sleeping with another person, and others would say texting an ex-partner would qualify as cheating.

While the definition of infidelity can vary from couple to couple, the common dominator between all peoples perception is secrecy, deception and emotional volatility.


We go on to discuss the four types of cheating

1.     Physical cheating

While it might seem surprising to some, but being physically intimate with another person who is not your partner is normally considered by most as cheating. Some may think it is ok and say they were on a break. As weird as it might sound, even physically infidelity may be ambiguous and deciding where the line of infidelity exists will be something you and your partner will need to be clear on from the start.

2.     Having sexual fantasies about someone else

Professional relationship therapists say it is normal to fantasise about someone you find attractive, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not.

That being said, your run-of-the-mill day dreams about the pool guy or the waitress at the café could venture into adulterous waters if you have found yourself sitting poolside each day or buying more coffees than usual when your partner think your are at work.

3.     Having romantic feeling about someone else.

The line can be a little blurry when it comes to “emotional infidelity”. This kind of cheating is about having feelings for someone else and is something the other partner has no control over. This form of cheating is still considered as disloyal by most.

While it is ok to have loving relationships with more than one person, the form of infidelity comes into play when secrecy is involved for example you only see the other person behind your partners back.

Some could argue that it only becomes infidelity when those feelings are acted upon, although for others, the thoughts alone are enough.

4.     Secret social media activity

Social media has opened the door for a different type of infidelity some would say. There is the form of being implicitly sexual and liking ex-partners Instagram posts for example, and flirting with other people online. The other form is spending more time on social media than you do with your partner. We would say that it really only becomes infidelity when the intentions are untoward.

Excessive social media use by one partner may suggest insecurity and will often place stress on the relationship, especially if the other partner is not that way inclined.


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