Case Study: Background Check For Identity Verification



Recently we had an enquiry from an overseas client who was concerned about one of their family members and the man she had developed a relationship with online. Our client described to us that their sister had been speaking with an Australian man over the internet for the past few weeks and was ready to leave her overseas home to be with this individual who resided in Australia.

Our client mentioned their sister was in constant communication with this man and that her behaviour had changed, which they were quite worried about. The client had also spoken with this male who denied conducting any type of video communication with him as he kept saying his camera on his mobile phone was not working, although he had claimed to have quite a high profile job in the finance sector.

Our client was able to provide a name, last known address and a social media profile for this person for us to work with.

Over more than week, we conduct various searches using the resources and skill we have acquired over the years to verify the subject’s personal and professional details.The subject’s identity and employment history was verified and was accurate with what he had claimed it to be, but it wasn’t until we searched on criminal court hearings that we identified the subject had been in court over 7 times for domestic violence during 2016 and 2017.

We prepared our report and findings and submitted them to our client who was very grateful and appreciative of our efforts.

Sometimes it pays to check who you are dealing with!

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