Mobile Phone Spyware Detection
& Data Recovery

Spouse Spy are equipped with mobile phone forensic experts and equipment to scan and detect spyware and malicious code or apps on your device. With law enforcement grade equipment, we can provide the very best in forensic level mobile phone bug detection.

If you are concerned that your mobile device has been compromised and is potentially bugged, then engage us to confirm or put your mind at ease.

Mobile Phone Spyware Detection & Data Recovery

Are you wondering how to know if your phone is bugged? Or maybe you need mobile phone data recovery to collect evidence or recover lost information.  

Our mobile phones contain more information about us and our activities than any ever before. We rely on these devices to do our banking, send sensitive emails and messages to others and store images and videos of our lives. 

A mobile phone device is hacked every 39 seconds. Over time that accounts to a lot of people who have been hacked. There are so many ways that a hacker can compromise your phone now, you can be tricked by social engineering, breached by a zero day exploit or maybe you have trusted someone with your device previously. 

We experience a lot of domestic violence related inquiries where our clients are concerned their device is being monitored by a possessive ex-partner. In these situations, we recommend a prompt response to check the device to ensure it is not tracked or monitored in anyway. 

 Spouse Spy use the worlds leading forensic equipment to analyse mobile phones and other mobile devices for attacks and data recovery.

Law Enforcement Grade Forensics

Our forensic investigations into mobile phones and tablets are conducted using law enforcement grade equipment to extract and analyse all data on the device. The software being used is updated daily with all known threats and will alert us to to any type of malicious code on the device.

Qualified Technicians

Our forensic technicians are trained in using the equipment and are fully capable of conducting a through and professional assessment of your mobile device. We are continuously staying up to date with the latest technology and procedures in this area so we can stay ahead of the rest.

Fast Response Service

In most circumstances, we can be on-site to your location within 24-48 hours. A data extraction of the mobile device can take anywhere from an hour to about 4 hours depending on how much data is used on the device. Alternatively for those customers that are remote, the device can be sent in to us.

Over 60's have highest record of cybercrime

People over 60 lost $649 million due to cybercrime in the last year, more than any other age group. They are most likely to be tricked and social engineered into clicking a malicious link in an email or text message.

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds

With 300,000 new malware created everyday and an attack every 39 seconds, you can see why cyber attacks cost us hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Mobile Device Security Lacking

Mobile devices contain far more personal information about us than our computers do, so why are mobile devices less protected and considered when it comes to cyber security?

Android Devices. No.1 target by hackers

Android devices are now the number 1 targeted device by hackers. 94 percent of android devices are not running the latest update and 23 percent of iOS devices are not up to date.

Deleted Data Does Not Mean Gone

Just because data has been deleted from a mobile phone, does not mean the data is permanently gone. Only access to the data from the operating system has been removed, so it appears gone, but it's mostly still there.

Android OS Is Most Susceptible To data Loss

It may be one of the most popular operating systems, but it is also the most susceptible to data loss due to accidental deletion, hardware failure and attacks.

If You Have Lost Data, Stop Using Your Phone

When data is deleted, it is stored in unallocated areas of the database and can be recovered until it's overwritten. The tip is, if you've lost data, stop using your phone and call us.

Can I Buy Software To Recover Data?

You can purchase cheap software that may be able to recover some items that were recently deleted but it does not compare to the equipment that we use. Our forensic equipment is from Israel and used by F.B.I and AFP agencies.

is my mobile device bugged

Has your device been compromised?

Is My Phone Hacked?

If you suspect your mobile phone has been hacked, think first about why you would be a target and by who?

A hacked mobile phone or tablet device may present with symptoms of being bugged, but then may not show signs at all. The only way to know for sure is a mobile device forensic analysis. Some of the signs are excess data usage, erratic behaviour, camera automatically taking photos and more.

Before you speak with us, create a timeline of events and create a log of what information has been leaked, when this might of happened and your location at the time. This information can help when analysing your devices internal data to detect the malware attack.


How was my device bugged?

Mobile device attacks occur for various reasons in the domestic and corporate world. It can be an obsessed ex-partner wanting to know your every move or unknown threat hacking you for financial gain. These attacks are a real concern.

The cyber hacker can also be working for a corporate entity looking to gain trade secrets about the target. 

There are various methods to attack a mobile device. Those are:

  1. Zero day exploits – This is a weak point in the operating system of the device, created by the manufacturer. Attackers can exploit this weak point to gain access. Keep your device updated as these exploits are fixed in updates.
  2. Physical Access –  This is when the attacker has had physical access to your phone. Providing they have your pin or have been able to scan your Face ID while sleeping, they can install malware on the phone and monitor your activities.
  3. Remote Attack – Cyber hackers create malware packages and social engineer their target to entice them to click a link, either in an email or a text message.

If you suspect your mobile device has been bugged, think first about why you would be a target and by who?

phone bug detector

Have you lost your data?

Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service

If you have accidentally deleted data from your phone, then maybe we can help. We utilise specialist mobile phone forensic data recovery equipment from Israel, which is also used by F.B.I and our own AFP agency. 

Mobile phone data recovery relies on the deleted data not being overwritten. Deleted data is moved to an area within memory that is unallocated, but continued use of your device will likely cause that area of allocation to be overwritten with new data.

We recommend you discontinue using the mobile phone until we can extract the data. Depending on the amount of data stored on the phone, the process can take anywhere from an hour to overnight. 

What Can We Recover Data From?

Our leading-edge foernsic data extraction equipment and software allows for a deep dive into the mobile phones file system to recover critical evidence or required data .

We can bypass pattern, password or PIN locks and overcome encryption challeneges for common Android and iOS device.

We have the ability to recover data from the following:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Desktop Computers
  • Drones
  • SIM Cards
  • SD Cards
  • GPS Devices and More

After recovering the data from the device, we will provide you with the latest software reader to analyse your data in a format that is easy to navigate and understand. 


What Types Of Data Can We Recover?

Our forensic data extraction will be provided to you on a USB C 3.2 memory stick. It will contain the latest version of the reader software that can interpret the data that has been extracted. 

The user will be able to navigate through the menus within the software to deep dive into the data from the device. Deleted or recovered data will be marked so you know what is recovered and what data was present at the time of inspection. 

We can recover the following information from a mobile phone:

Personal Information – This includes calendar, call logs, contacts, notes, user dictionaries, user accounts

Messaging Information – Chats, Emails, Instant Messages, MMS, SMS

Web Browser – Bookmarks, Cookies, History

GPS Information – Fixes, Journeys, Locations

Device Information – Application Usage, Bluetooth Pairings, Cellular Locations, SIM Data, Wireless Networks.

Data Files – Images, Videos, Audio, Test, Databases, Applications, Documents, Uncategorised

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