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What Can Private Investigators Legally Do?

Private investigators play a crucial role in Australia, assisting individuals and organizations in gathering information and evidence for various legal and personal purposes. However, it is important to remember that private investigators must operate within the bounds of the law. Understanding the Role of Private Investigators Private investigators, also known as private detectives or PIs, …

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Signs of Infidelity

Signs of infidelity, what are they? It’s sad to fact that often after “I do” happier ever after doesn’t always follow. With divorce rates in Australia at 1.4% in every 1000 it doesn’t seem significant, but when looking at divorce trends we can see that the percentage of people separating after 20 years together have …

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Infidelity in Pop Culture – Glamorising the Sordid

Infidelity was once a topic that brought shame to the individual and whispered amongst other disapprovingly. Fast forward to our current day and age and headlines like ‘Top 10 famous cheaters’ sit amongst all the trivial gossip articles on lifestyle sites, magazines and even the trusted newspaper. In 2013, Kirsten Stewart who was going out with …

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Statistics of Infidelity

What is infidelity? Sleeping around whilst in a relationship is not always considered “cheating”.  Infidelity depends on the terms of the relationship.  Generally, we find that these terms are such that each spouse has agreed to refrain from sexual interaction with anyone other than their partner. In some circumstances, this agreement is vastly different.  Overall, …

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Four Types of Cheating – And One Doesn’t Involve Another Person

What qualifies as infidelity varies from relationship to relationship as some are willing to dismiss extra marital canoodling more than others and will think it inconsequential. Infidelity can be seen differently through different eyes. Some would say that it involves sleeping with another person, and others would say texting an ex-partner would qualify as cheating. …

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