Infidelity Investigation Client

Thanks guys, you have helped me get the evidence I needed to move on with my life after my wife continually denied cheating on me. You guys are professional and have been very understanding during those difficult times. I can recommend you to anyone who is thinking of hiring a private investigator.


Infidelitity Investigation Client

Thanks to your team of investigators I know have the facts I need to move on. Being a business man on the move I was often away and had no idea what was going on behind my back. I am now happier than ever thanks to your help. Oh please don’t mention my name too.


General Investigation Client

I am also sorry not to get back to you. I am at work today and had a chance to send this email. Thank you so much for the information and again for the fantastic job done in one day. We were lucky that my gut feelings were right. What happened that day was the


Sydney Client

Spouse Spy private investigators were very professional and I found the team to be very efficient, reliable, sensible and accommodate in handling the investigation. A big thank you to you and your surveillance team for a good job done. Appreciate your kind understanding and support during this difficult time. I highly recommend Spouse Spy.